Visit Old Fort Parker and learn about the Comanche raid and abduction of Cynthia Anna Parker who became the wife of Chief Peta Nocona and mother of Quanah Parker, the last great Comanche Chief. Tour the Confederate Reunion Grounds where the Civil War is over and descendants of slaves and veterans alike can meet to commemorate our first step in becoming a truly free nation. Nearby, on the shore of Lake Mexia, is Booker T. Washington Park which commemorates the signing of The Emancipation Proclamation on June 19, 1865. Visit Fort Parker State Park and camp, fish, hike the trails or just enjoy the outdoors. Drive thru the beautiful countryside where Texas Longhorns grazed before the land was turned to farming and cotton became king, then returned to the modern ranches you see today with still a glimpse of Longhorns or Buffalo grazing in a pasture. Take the backroads and drive across the large number of Iron Truss Bridges and see the remnants of once prosperous communities that have since disappeared. The tree shaded Navasota River “RUNS THRU IT” and, on any drive thru the Easter portion of the county, you may cross it as it flows into Lake Mexia and Fort Parker Lake before its culmination in the 13,680 acre Lake Limestone, site of the 2017 Texas Bassmaster Team Trail Championship. Together, these waters provide outstanding fishing, boating, canoeing and other forms of recreations and enjoyment. These are just a few of the adventures awaiting those who visit Historic Limestone County.
“Trails From The Past”
So did Dinosaurs, Comanche Indians, Longhorn Cattle and Cowboys, Settlers, Texas Rangers, Oil and Railroads
and in more recent years
Western Swing, Country Western Singers, and Songwriters, Movie and TV Stars, Famous Athletes, Nobel Prize Winner, Natural Gas, Coal and Electric Power.